Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Celiac Prevalence Studies

I found this essay today and it’s a fascinating read. It takes a good look at actual disease prevalence vs. formal diagnoses. Doctors have been diagnosing Celiac disease since the ancient Greeks. I’m sure Celiac is as old as agriculture itself, but modern medicine seems to have forgotten all that common wisdom gathered over the ages. It seems really backwards at times. Especially since 42% of the American population has genes that predispose them to gluten intolerance. Wow!

Chocolate Cake!

I have had a baking phobia for awhile…not sure where it started, but I was supposed to bake a gluten-free cake for my son’s birthday last month and I just couldn’t do it.  I spent a lot of money buying all the ingredients…took me 2 hours in the store to figure it all out.  I was originally going to make a potato and corn starch cake from scratch, but when I saw the price of xanthum gum (a whopping $12 for a small package!) I opted for Bob’s Red Mill chocolate cake mix.   I finally made this cake last Sunday oh my goodness it was the best cake ever I’ve made! I wasn’t sure it would taste good since raw gluten-free batter always tastes terrible, but once baked it was indistinguishable from a wheat cake, and it was so rich and chocolaty! I made my own frosting from the directions on the back of the Ghiradelli cocoa powder can, but with less sugar. It was amazingly good. My whole family ate this cake pretty quickly! I can’t wait to make it again. Now…if only I could figure out chocolate chip cookies. Yeah I know of some really good recipes but it’s this fear of baking I have to get over…one chocolate cake at a time. Oh what a problem to have! lol