Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cookie Quest II: The Rice Flour Test

Ok, so I actually bought 2 kinds of cookies yesterday, but I could only test one at a time. Otherwise, I’d never know which one caused a problem if I had one.  So, corn starch/soy flour: check.  On to rice flour.

For those who know me personally, rice has not been my friend for many years. I have had to avoid all grains. In the past, when I tried rice I could eat it once, but twice always sent me to bed right away for a long nap. However, having just discovered the whole gluten thing, I can’t say for sure that the rice I tried 4 years ago was really gluten-free. Some of it was in casseroles. So begins the rice experiment. 
Tonight I tried a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie made exclusively of rice flour. It was a pretty hefty size so I only bought one. Surprisingly, it was bland, just like that dream I had weeks ago. I felt ever so slightly funny when I ate it but I didn’t have any subsequent problems of any kind. However, given my rice symptom dose dependence in the past, I’ll have to do a more extensive test to find out if it’s really something to avoid, but at least I know I can eat one rice cookie in public every year without incident.

So now the aside… Man I was dying to eat this thing all day. I had it in my backpack but I knew the golden rule:

never test new food in public!

Not at work, not on the street or in a restaurant. Not unless I want to end up in the ER with doctors pinching me, stabbing me with needles and threatening to catheterize me if I don’t confess to taking street drugs. An uneaten cookie is a small price to pay to avoid that kind of humiliation and pain. Don’t you agree?  Besides, I had important work to do at work…I didn’t have time for naps and cataplexy. lol

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