Thursday, December 25, 2008

FDA and Food Allergies

I put a link to the FDA page on food allergies in my blog roll.  It’s interesting to see what the thought process is.  For some reason, they don’t take neurological symptoms into account when making their allergy labeling laws, unless you count “Sense of Impending Doom” which my boyfriend says, and I quote, “LOL!  Sorry but that’s just stupid!!”

 They also don’t know what percentage of the population is sensitive/allergic to gluten.  Hmmm. Is that just the Wheat Lobby doing their job?   You can read more here on their thought process in making labeling laws.

 My dream: EVERY food product that contains gluten or has a sub-ingredient of an ingredient that contains gluten must say “contains gluten” clearly on the package.  I say, make THEM do the work for a change instead of me having to memorize tricky “hidden gluten” ingredient names, google products, and call manufacturers every time I go shopping. (Thank god for BlackBerries!!)  I am really getting sick of getting sick.  Ya know?

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