Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Evil Salad

Yesterday I ate at the cafeteria because, even though I brought my own food, I was really craving a salad.  Plus it was super cold out and I wanted some decaf coffee, which I can’t consume regularly, so I have to find someplace to buy it on occasion.  So I went in and told them I wanted a salad but was afraid to order because I can’t eat gluten.  They recommended the greek salad they had (which had extra non-greek-salady things in it like artichokes and garbonzo beans) and swore up, down, and sideways it was gluten free.  So, like a sucker, I got it. 

It was extremely tasty, which always makes me suspicious, but I ate the whole thing.  And then the sleepiness hit.  Ooooh I was so sleepy I wanted to put my head down on my desk and sleep all afternoon.  I could barely think, which is bad when I have to do calculations and mix chemicals all day long (it’s ok, not dangerous ones!)  I was so mad…”Not gluten free!” I thought.  Ha! 

I was dreading feeling sick that night and was praying that I would only have to deal with the extreme sleepiness and nothing more.  ”I can handle sleepiness” I thought.  It’s hard but not physically painful.  Well turns out they were right.  I didn’t get sick.  So it was something else in it that made me sleepy (like that’s difficult.)  I won’t order it again, but I do sort of trust their judgment on the gluten thing.  Sort of. I tried a different salad today that didn’t have dressing and I did just great. :)

It’s times like these that I feel so defeated. I work so hard to feel “normal” every day. When something like this happens I get very frustrated. Like what’s the point of trying when it’s so easy to lose it all? It’s like I’m taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back, but I’m still going forward. (no, the Paula Abdul reference is not lost on me. An “American Idol” ad just happened to come on the TV at the moment that I wrote that.) So I can’t get too discouraged. I’m still working my way up the learning curve, after all.

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