Monday, December 8, 2008

The Prophetic Dream

I’m not quite sure what to write for my first post, so I’ll tell you what happened to me today. First I’ll start with 3 weeks ago.  I went 100% gluten free and since then I’ve been having nightmares about food every night and even during my daytime naps.  I walk through CostCo looking at the giant shelves of gluteny goodness, teary-eyed thinking I’ll never partake of their sugary goodness again.  But one dream 3 weeks ago was different.  I dreamt I was eating gluten-free chocolate chip cookies — and nothing happened.  No brain fog, no sleepiness, no cataplexy, no growing 2 pants sizes in 30 seconds.  Nothing.  Happened.  I have never had this dream before! Since then I’ve been sort of obsessed with trying a gluten free cookie…just to see what happens.  But I was afraid to ruin that image of perfect cookie bliss.  Today was the day.  I bought Glutino Vanilla Dreams, which are mostly corn starch and soy flour.  I liked the ingredients because they used more fructose and xylitol than sucrose (I try to be fairly sugar-free as well as grain-free.)  The consistency was exactly like a wheat cookie and they had quite the lemony flavor.  And then I waited for the inevitable.  And guess what?  Nothing happened!  Nothing.  Happened!  My dream came true.  I must have been the happiest person on earth.  My mouth was happy and my brain was clear.  Never have to two met so unanimously over a cookie.   So why am I so happy over a darned cookie?  I will post more on that soon! 

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