Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rice Pasta

I tried some rice spaghetti yesterday and it wasn’t very successful.  It didn’t make me sick or foggy-headed, but it made me very tired and sort of dizzy for about 30 minutes.  I know if I ate more I’d be taking lots of naps, too, so …  darn.  Back to the usual fare for me.  I’m hoping to try corn pasta sometime in 2009 just to see what it’s like.  I hear it’s pretty good (albeit expensive!)  

The downside of this latest test is that I need to make a cake for my son’s birthday and I was hoping to use a pre-made mix so I don’t have to make my own flour since I don’t know how often I’m actually going to use it. But the ones I’ve looked at all seem to have rice flour, which just wouldn’t do for me. I don’t feel comfortable cooking a wheat cake because I could get sick from inhaling and swallowing the flour dust. If the snow ever clears up, I’ll make a trip to the health food store to see what they have. If I could find a rice-free flour, I could just follow a recipe, but I don’t want to order one online right now for some reason. I don’t want this cake to be too much work, but we’ll see what I can come up with in a week. We may just have to buy something pre-made from the grocery store for him.

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